Our Breeding Program

We are a small family breeder in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area.

We specialize in Mini Multigenerational Labradoodles.

Our Team consists of our family, My wife and I, and two of my daughters and their husbands.

I have owned dogs all my life. As a kid I owned German Shepherds and then as I got older, I fell in love with the American Pit Bull Terrier. That’s when my breeding experience began. I started to show my male “Rock” in the United Kennel Club (UKC) sanctioned dog shows and showed him until he earned the title of Champion. He produced several litters and Champions. Our family loved Rock very much. You can see Rock on our Memorial page.

My children started getting older and we were involved in youth sports, and I was coaching baseball, softball, and basketball, I didn’t have time for my dogs, so I took a break. Now that my youngest is out of high school I decided it was time to pursue my love of breeding dogs again. I began searching for a breed that would fit our current lifestyle. I didn’t want a large dog and my wife has allergies, so I wanted to keep those things in mind. My daughter Monique told me about the Labradoodle, so I began researching this designer dog. I had heard that generally, designer dogs are healthier than purebred dogs so that did interest me. I then found that they did have Mini-Labradoodles, so I found a breeder and was on an eight-month waiting list.

By the time the litter was ready, we purchased two girls, Maya who my wife and I belong to, and Ivy, who my daughter Monique belongs to. A year later we purchased Brodie who my daughter Destiny belongs to.

We are so in love with these Mini-Labradoodles, I can’t say enough about how intelligent they are, by far the most intelligent dogs I have ever owned. Their size is perfect for our lifestyle, and we want to share this wonderful, awesome dog with everyone.

Our goal is to breed healthy, lifelong companions for families that need a smaller allergy-free, non-shedding companion.

At Doodlez, we care for our doodles so that they feel at home –  As a small size in-home breeder, we ensure that every doodle gets friendly, affectionate attention and truly stands out.

We give our doodles care and supervision and take them everywhere with us, including every family function, kid’s sporting event, and day trip. Our passion is to become more friendly labradoodles companions.

Following are just a few of our features at Dreamy Doodlez.

  • Allergy-friendly
  • Highly Intelligent & Trainable
  • Loving & Intuitive
  • Playful & Interactive
  • Non-shedding (in Multigens)