//Our Dogs//

Name: Brodie

Type: Multi Gen-Labradoodle

Sex: Male



Color: Caramel
Nose: Liver

Eyes: Hazel

Brodie is extremely affectionate. He absolutely loves fetching and wrestling with his two year old human, Selah. When he’s not playing he loves to lounge on the couch or bed with his family.

He is very smart and catches on to new commands very fast (anything for a treat😂). He’s both well-trained and well-behaved. He doesn’t bark at people or animals but is definitely a licker if given permission.

Brodie is happiest with his toys and his humans. His human sister Selah, 2yr old, seems to be the favorite (we think she sneaks him food when we’re not looking). He follows her everywhere and can be found playing tug-o-war with her quite often. Second in line is definitely mom. He’s always at the door waiting for her when she gets home from work.

Brodie’s coat is very shaggy and soft. We love his coat longer but longer hair means more maintenance is necessary so we usually keep his coat shorter. Luckily he is very calm during his home grooming and seems to even enjoy it. He only sheds when brushed.

Brodie is a key part of our family and we wouldn’t be complete without him!

Name: Ivy
Type: F1B Labradoodle
Sex: Female

Size: Mini

DOB: 02/17/2021
Color: Parti – Lavender

Nose: Liver
Eyes: Green
Coat: Fleece

Follow Ivy on IG: @ivy.tthedoodle

Ivy is our fur baby, we absolutely adore her.
She is truly always ready for a fun time. Ivy loves to be outside sniffing and exploring, playing fetch, smelling the roses. She is so happy to go on car rides and long walks in target with her humans. Ivy is such a playful girl and will often entertain herself by tossing her toys or treats up in the air and going after them. Our adventurous girl also enjoys a nice swim on hot day following with a nice sun bath to dry off afterwards.

Not only does our girl know how to Parti- she is also such a loving, loyal and intelligent dog. She is definitely her moms soul dog and cuddling with her fur dad on the couch for naps are a must! Ivy is very attentive to her humans and is a joy to train. We are amazed by her intelligence everyday – she easily learns commands and seems to enjoy it!

Ivy is such an amazing family dog. She completely lights up and does her happy wiggle dance when mom or dad walks through the door. Especially when she gets to see her extended family! (it might be from seeing all the extra hands that will be petting her😂) Ivy shows how special she is by staying gentle enough of for the kids to play fetch with her, all while respecting the wishes from the adults for no tongue to face kisses.

If it seems we are describing the dream dog, it’s because we are! We could go on and on about our amazing girl. Ivy is our Dream Doodle and we couldn’t be any happier with our fur baby.

Name: Maya
Type: F1b-Labradoodle
Sex: Female
Size: Mini
DOB: 02/17/2021
Color: Chocolate
Nose: Liver
Eyes: Amber
Coat: Curly/Wooly

Maya is a bundle of energy. She is super intense and excels at high-activity games such as fetching, swimming, and wrestling with her family.

She is super smart and excelled in her group training class. She was often called on to give examples of how a certain function (sit, stay, etc.…) was done correctly.

When she did her two-week board and train, her trainer said she was truly a joy to train and would often let her hang out with him throughout the day.

Her greatest joy is waiting to see what toy mom brings her home. She gets so excited and goes searching in bags every time we come home from shopping looking to see if there is anything for her.

Maya’s coat is very curly and woolly feeling. She only sheds when brushed. Her coat is low maintenance and has no issues with matting.

We love Maya very much and is a big part of our family.